Downloadable Sailplane Flight and Service Manuals.

Sailplane Flight and Service Manuals.

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B1-PW-5D Sailplane flight manual. - $7.95

B1-PW-5D FLight Manual This sailplane is to be operated in compliance with information and limitations contained herein >>

L-13 Blanik Pilot's Notes - $7.95

Blanik L-13 pilot's notes, not a complete service manual. 2-nd revised edition - 1967 >>

L-23 Super Blanik flight manual - $7.95

Official L-23 Super Blanik flight manual. This sailplane Flight Manual is FAA Aproved for U.S. - registered sailplanes in accordance with provision of 14 CFR Part 21.29, and as reguired by FAA >>

LAK-19 Sailplane flight manual - $7.95

Lithuanian high performance glass sailplane flight manual. LAK-19 built by Lithuanian Join Stock Company "Sportine Aviacija >>

Grob G102 Sailplane flight manual - $7.95

Glider Flight Manual GROB G 102 Standard Astir III The CLUB ASTIR III and IIIb a single seat performance glider for the club class with a T-tail and airbrakes on the upper wing surface >>


Super blanik repair manual beginner about a sailplane flight test evaluation of the lak-12.